“MT KITENGELA”  – Hand for Environment

At the renown entertainment facility GMC Place KITENGELA, stands a unique feature on the left. Mt KITENGELA is a sight to behold. In n area that was previously barren with sun scorched grass, harsh ash earth and scattered greenery three years ago, GMC Place KITENGELA has transformed the entry into Acacia in a stunning style. The unique bit about the mountain that is named KITENGELA is that from it’s foot to it’s peak, the mountain is man-made.

The mountain provides a splendid view of the spectacular surrounding areas from it’s top. Although it seems pretty low in terms of altitude, a climb will prove that it is a muscle tearer and worth to be dubbed a workout Mountain.

Carefully put together with a steel core for stability, the mountain is as stable as a horse back. It’s stability can be tested by running up the spiral staircase on the sides, sleeping on it’s steep to the left or daring to do a straight line dash from the summit. All in all, you will feel a difference in the atmosphere surrounding you as well as inside your body.

From the top it’s green undergrowth supported by strategically placed rocks is a sight to behold. The mosaic of color provides a rainbow spectrum that dances between the wind and your eyes.

The fauna collection covering the mountain is another reason to climb up. With steadied deep rooted species, to a selection of shaded trees, it’s a very cool Environment. While globally many are familiar with the likes of salvation mountain in the desert of Niland, California, the makeup of Mount KITENGELA has involved experts to ensure safety.

I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking experience on my visit to the fun hub at GMC Place KITENGELA, that I didn’t take a photo. How about you share yours as you raise the GoGreen flag that seems to wave at humanity stoically saying, “hey you, get up and do something to better our world”.

Cathrine Khasoa is the Lead for Corporate Affairs at Optiven Group. GMC PLACE KITENGELA is a strategic business unit under the Optiven Group, while GoGreen Initiative by Optiven seeks to make our world better by undertaking sustainable Environmental actions.

So why not come over to GMC Place in Kitengela today.

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Cathrine Khasoa is the Lead for Corporate Affairs at Optiven Group. She loves nature, healthy living and landscaping.