Life in Kitengela

A humongous Optiven billboard welcomes you to Kitengela on Mombasa Road. A few kilometers as you drive on the Mombasa Namanga road, there’s an interchange. Residents call it shimo ya kifaru or roundabout ya maua. Only a few years back, the road was a dusty stretch, often a stopover for strained vehicles and sadly a checkpoint for those burst tires from hitting potholes.

But now a stoical interchange, hosts numerous road users at once, amidst a brilliant backdrop of superb outdoor aesthetics, coupled with colorful gardens. Kitengela has really changed. We drive under the interchange and on the right a bright colored GMC billboard ushers us in. The journey to the venue has various reminders of what is on offer. We drive on and right on the road just before Acacia junction to the right is GMC Place KITENGELA.

Our mission is to visit the venue later as we proceed to KAG University ahead. Together with my chama, we are in Kitengela to see for ourselves it’s viability for investment mainly in real estate. Recently, we learnt of a virgin project by Optiven in the KAG University area. At the University it’s not difficult to find directions and we arrive at Happy Gardens in a few.

Some Optiven workers are on the ground, fencing, beaconing and indicating where the road infrastructure is. We also meet Alphonse, a keen investment advisor who resides in Kitengela. He is here to select a plot block for a chama. What a coincidence! A staff on the ground shares the map, gives a pitch and we are glad the project has ready title deeds. We walk around the project, taking in the surrounding areas including Kampala University before leaving to consider our options.

As we leave, we give a lift to Alphonse after he promises to buy lunch at GMC Place KITENGELA. On the way we learn details of the journey that makes Kitengela special. Alphonse who has lived in Kitengela for over 20 years speaks with nostalgia as he recounts what it was then. As we see GMC Place KITENGELA in the foreground, he doesn’t mince his words by saying “our town is self sufficient, once you are here, you have access to everything you need”.

We arrive at GMC Place KITENGELA, are shown our packing area, checked our temperature, reminded to mask up and are sanitised. A friendly lass with impeccable greetings settles us in a warm room. “Warm welcome to our VIP room. Please take a moment to peruse our menu and order by pressing the bell at the door once ready”. Am impressed and ask Alphonse if the food is as awesome. He gives a thumbs up and we order Yakitori chicken, chips, dawa and tea to beat the July cold. After ordering, we proceed to challenge Alphonse to share 5 reasons to stay in Kitengela.

Amenities are within reach including hospitals, schools and banks.  Roads have been upgraded to bitumen making travel an exciting adventure. Proximity to the SGR terminus as well as JKIA which makes any traveller at ease. Growing gated communities meaning families have the joy of their own homes.

Alphonse is particularly fond of the last benefit and we wonder. ” In Kitengela you build your own home, live in your own compound and yes, plant your own food and keep your mbuzi bila stress”. Our food arrives and just for today, Alphonse offers to order for us mbuzi fry and it’s takeaway. As we delve into the portions we are better advised about why it’s worthwhile to live in Kitengela.

So why not come over to GMC Place in Kitengela today.

Tel: +254 701 560560