GMC Place Kitengela is now a Topscore brand!

The most exciting and memorable children fun center is GMC Place Kitengela.   This is the continuous promise that has changed the sector where children and fun are central to what entertainment is all about.   Topscorebrands bequeathed GMC Place Kitengela with the prestigious award on Friday 29th October 2021 at an events gala held at the Hilton Nairobi.  The award was received by team leaders serving at GMC Place Kitengela led by Nelius Wangari.

Speaking after the award, Mary Wacuka of GMC Place Kitengela said, “while congratulations are in order, GMC Place is now more committed than ever to continue providing our customers with fun in immeasurable quantities and offering families not just great food but also create memories for themselves and their loved ones”.

And there is more at the expansive environmentally friendly facility located right on the tarmac just a few minutes from Kitengela CBD.   Job, the Marketing Manager at the facility says, “we at GMC Place Kitengela aim at generating the highest form of fun, happiness, transformation and family love to all our great customers. Here we offer the best place for themed birthdays set up, events grounds, wedding grounds, VIP meeting venues, send-off meetings, amongst any other kind of meetings.”

GMC Place Kitengela, an oasis of family Transformation, offering hundreds of families with amazing, state-of-the-art, convenient and fun-filled children’s park.  At the facility, children indulge in the best games ever, as their parents enjoy well-cooked meals.

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