Does Bonding Increase Love?

The launch of the #GMCCouplesFantasy was a tad tickling especially for those with wild imaginations.  Coming at a time when many continue to live in hibernation amidst the Covid 19 effects that spilled over from the 2020 offshoot of the global pandemic.  Truth be told, a lot has changed in that time and the new normal, well, calls for some out of the box ideas.  It is this thought that made it a curious idea to hear about the #GMCCouplesFantasy this January – and yes, just a few weeks shy of the Valentines Lovers Season too.  What then comes to mind is what can one do during this Valentines?

As a couple what have you planned to achieve together this year?  Perhaps it is to increase your quality time together including coffee dates complete with your favourite samosas and sausages.  The idea is take time to do what you like together to build your bond of love.

One of those mornings when your favourite person skips breakfast, how about you buy them a full breakfast?  Yes, take advantage of the cuisine at GMC Place and surprise your special one with a full breakfast made fresh.  Take a departure from the usual bread and butter, or mandazi and left over foods from yesterday.  Its Valentines!

Does your love love dancing?  Make a special reservation for the special someone at the GMC Place VIP.  You can call the team in advance to make a special customized DO NOT DISTURB door sign and take the time to dance to your favourite song.  Oh the fantasy – please don’t underestimate the benefits of dance while at it.  So bring back the groove of when you first met, let your favourite song play and dance to it in comfort at GMC Place.

Save a special memorial cake for your loved one.  Aha!  Do you have a TBT photo of her when you first met 5 years ago?  How about you order cake, have it printed the photo and surprise her with a heart melting message of love at GMC Place?  Preparation is key and the team at GMC Place will be happy to work with you to make the surprise a reality.  Of course you are free to order cake from your sweetheart’s favourite cake shop.

And there is something about food that just rekindles love.  If your dear has never been to GMC Place, surprise them with a special booking for dinner this Valentines.  Look at each other under the candle light as you reminisce over the journey of love that has brought you this far.  How else can one feel special?

Take a photo.  A photo speaks all the feelings and stories of what you feel but cannot explain in words.  With the array of photo spots at GMC Place, this is the place for taking a photo to frame and put on your corner office desk.  Photos by the poolside look spectacular when seasoned with a touch of the evening and a dash of love dust – then frame all this at GMC Place, spectacular!

Write a love note and have the waiter deliver it with the bill.  While no one seems to be expecting the bill with something special.  Make it extra special by handwriting the note and telling your loved one how special they are to you.  For a memorable Valentine’s top it with a gift box with a personal gift inside.

At GMC Place, there is a reason it is said the fun never ends because even on Valentine’s Day, it can be just amazingly romantic to bring to life that fantasy for you and your love.  Happy Valentines.

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