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Its French fries day today! And in this weather, a nibble of hot crunchy ones from GMC Kitengela seems like a new normal. The paradise for children is what GMC Kitengela is all about! Where else can one find an all inclusive package that ensures the little angel is not only occupied but also has a super smile on their face? But what is it about the French Fries Day?

Whether you call them ‘French Fries’, ‘Chips’, Finger Chips, or French-Fried Potatoes, this delicious treat is loved around the world, and French Fries day celebrates them. Not to be confused with the American ‘Chips’, which are thinly sliced pieces of potato fried until crisp, French Fries are the delicious result of ‘batons’ of potato cut to various thicknesses and then fried in oil.

The outside of this staple companion food to hamburgers and other grease-ball favorites generally have a golden texture, varying from soft to crispy, and most often served with little more than a dusting of salt. As the world marks the international day for French fries, many of us in Kenya are accustomed to this super miracle of a food as chips.

A well-travelled friend would say that if you went to America and asked for chips, you would be served something not the chips we know in Kenya. And on the various menus in the food cities of France, les frites is common. Of course chips vary in terms of taste, appearance, size and many other things that food lovers look at.

An interesting find while researching on the chips craze in Kenya, is that the apparent size of the chips has been subject of debate where some prefer them thick while a majority prefer them pencil size. To some the ideal chips must also be crispy, golden brown and not too salty.

In a country that is known first for it’s sportsmanship and next for it’s agricultural prowess, it is not a wonder to visit any market and find different types of groceries on sale and guess which one is almost always recurring as a key order for customers? Yes, potatoes – Irish potatoes to be specific – in their hues of brown-red and cream-brown.

In an abstract on a research dubbed ‘Markets for fresh and frozen potato chips in the ASARECA region [2010] ’, it emerged that potatoes and specifically potato chips are a mainstay meal for a majority of people across the classes.

The research which was carried out by a selection of agronomists and food experts found that it has become an acceptable part of everyday foods to eat chips. The research also availed baseline data on chips consumption including the processing, marketing, potential for the regional chips trade and its contributions to improving livelihoods of agricultural dependent communities in East and Central Africa respectively.

In the estates and in the hotels, as well as not surprisingly in some households across board, the menu would not be complete without the said chips in many towns across the country. This is because, the main ingredient for making fries is the potato – an important food that has become a cash crop in eastern and central African countries.

In Kenya, it is growing faster than other root crops and cereals, amidst low yields due to shortage of suitable varieties, quality seeds, improved varieties and in some cases agricultural cultural practices.

With the population doubling every 25 years, and urbanization continuing to grow by at least 13% to 15% from the 2020 decade, feeding habits are rapidly changing to favour easy-to-prepare foods such as chips. The hospitality industry had before the covid 19 pandemic continued to see a surge in growth owing to change of lifestyle, consumer trends, and need for ready food by a majority of the population.

So how do you like your chips? A quick check at GMC Funplace indicates that out of 10 families, at least 7 will order the tasty plate of chips. The array of accompaniments at GMC ensures that the chips go down well and are topped up with a drink of your choice.

The portions are also great and the presentation in serving, an appetizer on it’s own. And just reading this, can easily make one very hungry and with that a visit to GMC Kitengela, happy world chips day.

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